About Us

Meet Keloola, the ultimate business solutions driven by the most sophisticated AI technology

We are part of Bright Technology Holding Ltd, a UK based entity that owns our patented technology, a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence. Keloola isn't just another business solution - it's a revolution, setting a new standard in the industry, and bringing a wave of change that's not just powerful, but easy to implement and use.

Expanding Horizons

Our current operational terrain spans Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand, serving a diverse and dynamic set of businesses across these regions. Yet, at our core, we remain a unified team driven by a single goal - to empower businesses to do more and be more.

Enhancing Operations

Whether it's streamlining your operations, automating your processes, or providing insights that guide your strategic decisions, Keloola stands ready.
We create intelligent systems designed not only to fit into your workflow but to streamline and enhance it, helping your business to not just grow, but to thrive.

Driven by Innovation

At Keloola, we're not just about developing business solutions - we're passionate about it.
Our commitment lies in creating the ultimate tools for your business, blending the precision of human skills with the efficiency of AI, all underpinned by a robust data platform.

Join the Revolution

With Keloola, you’re not just adopting a solution. You’re joining a community of pioneers at the forefront of business technology. And we can't wait for you to be part of it. Experience the Keloola difference today.

We are

Pioneers Revolutionizing Business Solutions and challenging the status quo.

At Bright Venture Builder, we believe in the power of innovation. As an embodiment of this belief, Keloola emerges, built upon our Quad-Core principle that intertwines Hardware, Software, Brainware, and Network. This strong foundation empowers us to explore new frontiers in technology, and deliver solutions that transcend traditional boundaries.

With our passionate team, we've created Keloola to transform the way businesses operate. We infuse AI and Automation technology into the heart of our solution, offering you a tool that not only streamlines your processes but truly understands them. We're not just here to fit into the current business solutions ecosystem, we're here to evolve it.

Our mission with Keloola is to challenge and disrupt the conventional, to make way for the exceptional.
Our vision is a world where businesses can achieve maximum efficiency, where manual processes are a thing of the past, and where AI and Automation are integral parts of every business operation.

Dare to take the leap with Keloola. We've reimagined what business solutions can be, and we're inviting you to join us. Embrace the future of business with Keloola, where AI and Automation aren't just buzzwords - they're the new standard. Be part of the revolution today.